Is it Time to Consider a Move to Assisted Living?

Assisted living communities offer a variety of benefits to help residents continue to thrive in a supportive environment. From compassionate personal care to wellness programming, stimulating activities, housekeeping and nutritious meals, services in assisted living promote optimal well-being and engagement.

Residents of assisted living often note that they wish they’d made a move sooner, but determining the right time to move is a highly personal decision with multiple factors to assess. May is National Moving Month, an ideal time to consider a move to an assisted living community.

What are some signs that you could benefit from a move to assisted living?

Driving Has Become Difficult

Driving becomes problematic for many people as they age. Declining vision, hearing loss and slower reflexes can make it more difficult to respond to quickly changing road conditions, especially at night or in heavy traffic. If you’re feeling nervous about driving yourself to shopping centers, doctor’s appointments and other necessary destinations, you can benefit from the transportation services in assisted living.

Cooking Is a Chore

For many older adults — especially those who live alone — cooking starts to seem like simply too much trouble for too little payoff. Some stick to simple foods like sandwiches, or they may skip meals entirely to avoid the hassles of shopping, cooking and cleaning up afterward. In assisted living, residents enjoy a range of nutritious and delicious meals.

You Feel Lonely at Times

If you feel that you could benefit from additional companionship, it may be the right time to consider a move. In assisted living, you’ll find many ways to make friends. From exercise classes to scheduled activities, spiritual services and mealtimes, the opportunities for meeting new people and building relationships are nearly limitless. In fact, recent research suggests that loneliness might be an even bigger health risk than smoking.

You Feel Unsafe in Your Home

Assisted living provides enhanced safety and security, including trained personnel and emergency response systems throughout the community and in every individual’s residence. In an assisted living community, you can experience peace of mind that help is available if you need it.

Household Tasks Are no Longer Enjoyable

As individuals age, the many tasks associated with owning a home can become drudgery. From cleaning leaves out of gutters to mowing grass, trimming hedges, painting and decorating for the holidays, the work associated with a home can seem endless. In assisted living, staff members handle the everyday chores — including landscaping and cleaning — so you have time to connect with others and pursue activities you enjoy.

During National Moving Month, consider whether it might be time for a move to assisted living. If tasks like cooking, driving and yardwork have become difficult — or you feel isolated in your current residence — assisted living may provide an ideal environment for you to thrive.

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