• Financial Tips for Seniors in the Digital Age

    Older man and woman look at laptop and cellphone

    Older adults may need help keeping their finances digitally secure. Digital banking can make it easier for your loved ones to access their finances and keep track of transactions. However, online banking can confuse older adults (which is why they often rely on their children and grandchildren to help them). Here are a few tips […]

  • Why is Older Adult Living So Expensive?

    Woman poses with older adult parents.

    If you’ve noticed your cost of living increasing each year, you’re not alone. Everything costs more today than it did even five years ago. And if you’re an older adult who fondly remembers $90-a-month mortgage payments and 49-cents-a-pound ground beef, wrapping your head around today’s prices can be difficult at best. Do you wish to […]

  • Taking Over Your Parent’s Finances


    Being the child of an aging parent can often come with unexpected responsibilities and decisions that need to be made. One of the biggest responsibilities of this position is knowing when and how to start taking over your parent’s finances.  It isn’t easy to navigate the time in life when the roles of parent and […]

  • Why Women Should Plan for Long-Term Care

    With 10,000 people turning 65 each day, the subjects of aging and long-term care are of vital importance to millions of people and their loved ones. That’s why long-term care planning is an important task for so many. It not only gives peace of mind, but it can help save money in the long run […]

  • Exploring the Cost of Assisted Living

    Two men playing chess. Image source Unsplash.

    When you or your loved ones are faced with deciding between senior care options, chances are cost is at the top of your list regarding things you need to consider. With the average cost of assisted living going up every year, it’s also an important conversation to have with your loved ones.  The cost of […]

  • How to Pay for Assisted Living or Memory Care

    Seniors discussing how to pay for assisted living

    The choice to place a loved one into assisted living or memory care comes with an array of questions: How does one pay for assisted living? Does Medicare or Medicaid cover assisted living? Which senior living community will be the best fit? Will my loved one be well cared for? What will their quality of […]

  • 5 Ways to Prevent Elder Financial Abuse

    seniors do their finances at the kitchen table

    In an increasing — and alarming — number of cases, older adults become the victims of financial abuse, often at the hands of family members, guardians and other care partners. As many as one in 20 seniors reports having been the victim of financial abuse, and the problem cost victims nearly $3 billion last year. […]

  • Exploring the Uncharted World of Financial Caregiving

    two seniors review their finances on a couch

    Every year, older adults lose billions of dollars to fraud. Trusted financial care partners — who help older adults pay their bills and monitor their accounts — serve as a critical defense against scammers. Some elders benefit from loved ones contributing to the costs of care. However, a recent study from Age Wave and Merrill […]

  • Long-Term Care Planning Month and National Save for Retirement Week

    Long Term Care Planning for Retirement

    If you are considering a move to senior living for yourself or a loved one, you may wonder about the costs and possible payment sources. Questions around pricing for assisted living and other levels of senior living come into special focus in October as Long-Term Care Planning Month. In addition, National Retirement Security Week — […]

  • Helpful Mobile Apps for Seniors

    Mobile apps to help seniors.

    These days, most people carry a smartphone to keep abreast of the latest news and stay in touch with loved ones. But did you know smartphones may help improve your quality of life? By loading your mobile device with helpful applications, you can entertain yourself, continue learning, pay your bills, shop, manage the practical aspects […]

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