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Senior Living

Senior living 101: Guide to retirement options

With so many terms, options and styles, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to senior living. When choosing retirement options having a clear and concise understanding is crucial to making the right decision in a home. We’ve clarified common terminology when it comes to senior housing. Use this “Senior Living 101” to guide…

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Housing options for older adults

housing options for older adults

If you have an older relative you are caring for, or you’re considering senior housing for yourself, you’ve likely felt overwhelmed by all the choices out there. What are the different options and how do you know which is the right one? Here’s a quick overview of the four most common options for senior care.…

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Sadie Harmon Joins ECA as Dementia-Inclusive Communities Director

Sadie Harmon

In August, Sadie Harmon joined Elder Care Alliance as Dementia-Inclusive Communities Director. This initiative, supported by a generous grant from The San Francisco Foundation, aims to combat ageism and stigma against people living with dementia through access to arts and culture. Making Connections Between Art and Aging Over the next year, Harmon will organize six…

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Movie Moments Event Helps Erase Stigma of Memory Loss

Individuals with dementia have unique life experiences, and they can continue to contribute by sharing their wisdom, humor and insight. At the latest “Movie Moments” event on Aug. 14, that message of inclusion — and erasing the stigma surrounding memory challenges — came through loud and clear. “Movie Moments at the Vogue” is a popular…

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Chuckles, Chortles & Giggles: The Benefits of Laughter

Seniors laughing

For most people, sharing a laugh with friends can quickly improve your day. But did you know laughing can do much more than boost your mood? Research has found that when people come together through laughter, positive emotional and physical changes can result. Reduced pain levels, protection from the harmful effects of stress, and a…

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Living Apart, Together

What does it mean to live apart — together? An increasing number of older adults are making this modern lifestyle choice as they enjoy close relationships as well as their freedom and independence. Demographers have coined the term “living apart together” — or LAT — to refer to older adults in committed, romantic relationships who…

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Begone Yawns! It’s National Anti-Boredom Month

  Everyone experiences boredom from time to time. When extreme feelings of weariness or discontent are pervasive, though, they can become associated with health problems, including depression and anxiety. Experts warn against using frenzied activity as an antidote, but most agree that keeping your brain engaged can help ward off boredom and contribute to your…

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Explore San Mateo During Park and Recreation Month

  With summer in full swing, you can participate in a wide range of fun and healthy outdoor activities in the San Mateo area. July is Park and Recreation Month, and the National Recreation and Park Association hopes to raise awareness of the many benefits of parks. From community events to wellness opportunities, senior programs,…

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