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Is it time to consider assisted living for a friend or family member?

assisted living for a friend or family member

Life decisions can be hard, especially when you’re considering whether to move a loved one into assisted living. Here are some signs that it might be time. Safety concerns. Are you worried about your loved one getting in and out of the shower or tub? Have they recently had a fall or accident? According to the…

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Fun things to do with your aging relatives during the holiday season

fun things to do during the holiday season

Visiting your parents and family this holiday season? Instead of staring at the TV, or – even worse – debating politics, try some of these suggestions. Not only are they enjoyable, they provide opportunities to gain insight into how your aging relative is doing. Pull out the photo albums. This is an opportunity to hear…

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Highly Walkable Location Helps Seniors Build Social Connections

Seniors walking in shopping area.

For older adults, maintaining social connections can play a significant role in staying healthy and engaged. In addition to participating in physical activity, eating a healthy diet and getting regular medical checkups, staying social is believed to be one of the best steps individuals can take as they age. The Villa at San Mateo –…

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Living Apart, Together

What does it mean to live apart — together? An increasing number of older adults are making this modern lifestyle choice as they enjoy close relationships as well as their freedom and independence. Demographers have coined the term “living apart together” — or LAT — to refer to older adults in committed, romantic relationships who…

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Begone Yawns! It’s National Anti-Boredom Month

  Everyone experiences boredom from time to time. When extreme feelings of weariness or discontent are pervasive, though, they can become associated with health problems, including depression and anxiety. Experts warn against using frenzied activity as an antidote, but most agree that keeping your brain engaged can help ward off boredom and contribute to your…

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Explore San Mateo During Park and Recreation Month

  With summer in full swing, you can participate in a wide range of fun and healthy outdoor activities in the San Mateo area. July is Park and Recreation Month, and the National Recreation and Park Association hopes to raise awareness of the many benefits of parks. From community events to wellness opportunities, senior programs,…

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Single and No Children? How to Plan Care in Your Later Years

Many older adults rely on family members — often spouses or adult children — to provide care as they age. However, research indicates that a growing number of U.S. older adults are unmarried and do not have children. In fact, a recent study found that nearly a quarter of people older than 65 either do…

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The Villa Challenge Design Competition Continues This Summer

How would you remake iconic spaces to support older adults’ quality of life? Three design teams will have the opportunity to work their creative magic as The Villa Challenge continues this summer. The challenge invited students, professionals, entrepreneurs and creatives from the community to help imagine innovative purposes for unused spaces in the historic Villa…

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ECA Approved to Host Alameda Chapter of Aging2.0

Aging 2.0 Chapters Logo

Elder Care Alliance is honored to announce our approval to host the Alameda Chapter of Aging2.0. The accomplishment comes after several months of engaging in a rigorous interview process, and we look forward to creating original events in our Support Center to continue our commitment to innovation in aging. Aging2.0 is dedicated to supporting cutting-edge…

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Creating Supportive Environments for LGBT Seniors

For LGBT elders, recent years have brought a welcome shift in attitudes — and more acceptance. In cities across the country, parades and celebrations marked Pride Month in June, and the festivities are slated to continue throughout the summer. But lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender seniors also have experienced darker times when they did not…

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