Understanding Aged Focused 55+ Apartments

For more than 25 years, Elder Care Alliance has been thinking about what older adults need to call a place their home. With the growing number of older adults who wish to spend their retirement years independent, age-focused communities are becoming a more practical solution. They provide older adults with security and convenience.

Aged-Focused Apartments | Elder Care Alliance

What Are Age Focused Apartments? 

As the name suggests, age focused communities primarily cater to older adults living independently. In fact, most apartment complexes and housing options require residents to be at least 55 years or older..

The government also states that age focused apartments are exempt from the familial status discrimination ban by the Fair Housing Act. That means these communities have the right to control the resident population. You can expect landlords to reject residents if you are either:

  • Have too many pets
  • Own noisy vehicles

What Are The Benefits Of Living In A 55+ Community?

Easy Payment Plans

Most age focused apartments consolidate your bills. You will likely direct your utility bills, rent, internet fees, and cable subscription to one individual or institution. This process streamlines the entire bills-paying process.

Zero Home Maintenance

Age focused housing and apartment complexes usually have contractors to do all your property maintenance chores, from sweeping fallen leaves off your lawn and to all landscaping. 

Of course, residents can still take on any home maintenance task they want. For example, if you enjoy gardening, you can ask your community’s maintenance crew to keep off your plants.

Age-Friendly Establishments

Do you feel like every bar or restaurant in your town consists of noisy teens? Move into age focused communities. As a 55+ community, you can feel at ease knowing that most of the people you will encounter are already in their older years.

Plus, all establishments have age-friendly fixtures and aids to assist the mobility impaired. So you do not have to worry about steep steps or slippery ramps anymore.

Supportive Community of Peers

Independent living apartments consist of like-minded older adults who share the same goal: to retire peacefully. However, living alone can feel quite lonely at times. Fortunately, you can participate in community activities involving sporting events, community service drives, or hobby discussions, among other focal interests.

Age-friendly Conveniences and Amenities

All Elder Care Alliance Via apartment homes offer studio, one-bedroom or two-bedroom options. 

Elder Care Alliance age focused communities offer a variety of enrichment programs, including:

All of our apartment homes are fitted with the following:

  • Step-in showers
  • Emergency call systems
  • Stabilization railings as needed
All it takes is 5 minutes

What Are The Requirements to Live in an Age Focused Apartment?

The terms and conditions vary from property to property, but they generally require that all residents show their proof of age, live alone or with limited family members, and guidelines around pets, quiet hours, large gatherings or even owned vehicles.  Please contact The Villa at San Mateo representatives for detailed information.

My parents lived at The Villa. It’s a great place, movies and popcorn twice a week, bingo once a week with one week having pizza, stretch classes and various activities that coincide with holidays and themes depending on the month. The residents are like a small community who care for and support each other. My mom made quite a few nice friends there. The staff Stephanie, Kristin, Mark and Manny are warm and caring. As a daughter, I enjoyed visiting my parents there and seeing they were in such a welcoming place.D.J.The Villa at San Mateo

Where to Begin

This is a new transition and there are many things to consider. Start here to find out your options and what others have experienced before you.

What are my options?

Is it the right time?

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