Bring Your Hobbies: Assisted Living Offers Stimulating Hobbies and Activities

As you consider a move to assisted living, you may fear having to give up beloved hobbies and activities. But the truth is, assisted living communities encourage residents to continue the pastimes they love – and may even offer unexpected activity options.

In modern assisted living communities, available activities and hobbies have expanded to fit the interests of a wide range of residents. By continuing to participate in activities you enjoy, you strengthen your defenses against isolation and depression. And by engaging in socially stimulating pursuits, you help keep your mind sharp.

Here are just a few of the ways you can continue to engage in your favorite activities and hobbies after a move to an assisted living community.

Staying Fit

Do you pay attention to your health and try to keep your body fit and strong? In assisted living, you’ll find opportunities for both individual and group exercise. In many communities, classes like tai chi, yoga and stretching are on the calendar, providing a fun and social way to stay active.

Many residents also enjoy individual activities like walking in nature or working with weights to keep their bodies strong. If you don’t have a fitness routine, a move to assisted living is a great time to get started. You’ll experience many benefits, including lowering your chances of becoming ill, decreasing arthritis pain and boosting your overall mood.

Keeping Your Brain Sharp

As we age, continuing to learn becomes more important than ever. In assisted living, you’ll find lots of ways to stretch your brain capacity and maintain the joy of learning throughout life.

Whether you’re interested in painting, political discussions, book groups, arts classes, writing workshops or board games, you’ll find ample variety in your assisted living community. And if you’re already tech-savvy or hoping to learn, computer classes may be just the ticket to keep you on your mental toes.

Enjoying the Arts

If you love the theater, art, music, dance and other forms of artistic expression, you’ll find kindred spirits who share your passion in your assisted living community. Your community will offer a varied selection of arts-related activities, like movie viewings, lectures, outings, performances, classes and more.

If creating art, crafts, music, poetry or prose is among your hobbies, you can continue your pursuits once you move in — and share your creations with others.

Using Your Expertise

You have a lifetime’s worth of knowledge and experience to share, and you’ll find numerous opportunities to do so in assisted living. If you know how to fix computers and other electronics, quilt, sew, call bingo games, speak a foreign language, garden, lead discussions, build model airplanes, organize meetings, or analyze literary works – or instruct others – you’ll find a ready audience for your talents in assisted living.

Making New Friends

One of the most rewarding aspects of moving to an assisted living community is that you need never feel lonely. You’ll always receive respect for your privacy and desire for solitary time, but when you’re ready to socialize, you’ll encounter plenty of new friends.

With a shared interest, you can turn a new friendship into a long-lasting relationship that enhances your enjoyment of your hobby and your overall quality of life.

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