Communities Where Senior Wellness Means Mind, Body & Spirit

Home is where residents feel most secure and where they’re enabled to be their best. When home is an Elder Care Alliance assisted living community, it means outstanding care that covers all dimensions of wellness in support of a full life.

Person-centered Approach

Our person-centered approach to holistic wellness focuses on all aspects of wellness, including:

Physical – Maintaining a healthy diet, sleeping well, and remaining active.

Emotional – Understanding oneself and fostering healthy relationships that empower us to deal with life’s challenges.

Intellectual – Maintaining creativity, being open to new ideas, and learning.

Social – Creating and maintaining meaningful personal connections, a sense of belonging, and a well-established support system.

Purposeful – Putting unique talents and passions to work to maintain a sense of purpose and accomplish new goals.

Environmental – Living in harmony with the environment, having a conscious relationship with the surrounding world, and creating positive environments.

Spiritual – Finding alignment between our values and actions, connecting to our purpose, and finding meaning in life.

Creative – Ability to engage in playful and expressive activities including art in many forms from cabaret to collage.

I’ve visited the villa numerous times and every visit has been pleasant. The seniors that take residence at the Villa seem happy and content with their lives there. The Villa hosts many events that entertain the seniors and allow them to have fun and interact. The employees are so kind and show a real want to help and be there for the residentsKarina R.The Villa at San Mateo

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