Memory Care in California

Elder Care Alliance’s innovative and engagement-focused memory care program is based on the I’m Still Here® philosophy. This evidence-based approach is founded on the belief that every person living with dementia, regardless of the severity of memory loss, has the ability to learn, connect, and contribute – and teach us, too.

Dignity, Respect, Independence

Our philosophy is centered on the principles of Dignity, Respect, Independence and Choice. These principles are embedded in all that we do: communication, the dining experience, personal care, and life enrichment. 

Right Residents are in the Right Program: we recognize that each stage of dementia requires a different approach to maximize function and reduce or eliminate the symptoms of dementia.  The daily flow provides dual life enrichment programming, based on the preferences and abilities of the residents.  Residents are empowered and enabled to choose and direct what they would like to do.

Elements of Evidenced-Based Memory Care

Paramount to the care we provide is helping each resident feel safe and comfortable while providing intellectual stimulation and engagement in life experiences. Elements of evidence-based memory care include:

  • Adapted environments
  • Specialized communication techniques
  • Individualized learning approaches
  • Parallel programming, adapted to the stage of the disease
  • Purposeful social roles

We engage residents with meaningful activities while providing 24-hour quality care services at all four of our assisted living communities: AlmaVia of Camarillo, AlmaVia of San Francisco, AlmaVia of San Rafael, Mercy Retirement and Care Center.

Unique Approach to Memory Care

Residents living in Memory Care have increased opportunities for engagement, connection, and purpose, resulting in improved functioning and a higher quality of life. In addition, they receive specialized memory care programming, along with all the typical assisted living services, in a safe and supportive environment.

Programming is designed to meet the needs of residents as they progress through the stages of the disease. Residents are encouraged to stay active and engaged by attending art classes, movies, and community events like a Super Bowl soup social. Not everyone will be interested in the same activities, so we offer a variety of activities embracing a wide range of interests.

Memory care team members use evidence-based approaches to nurture those living with dementia, including optimizing communication techniques, environmental adaptations to the environment, and meaningful life-enrichment programming.

The Four “A’s”

We work to replace the four A’s of Alzheimer’s (anxiety, agitation, aggression, apathy) with:

  • Emotional connectedness
  • Social participation
  • Short-term event memory
  • Future orientation

Specialized Memory Care Training

Elder Care Alliance team members are grounded in four fundamental principles, honoring each resident through dignity, respect, independence, and choice. They have robust training – based on the latest research – in all areas of memory care:

  • Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias
  • Communication techniques
  • Dining experience
  • Managing behavioral expressions
  • Life enrichment

Our caring staff combines specialized training with programming techniques designed for those with cognitive impairment delivered in a comfortable, residential setting. The team in each community’s memory care neighborhood includes a Memory Care Director, Life Enrichment Coordinator, spiritual care services, and support staff.

All it takes is 5 minutes

I’m Still Here® Philosophy

Based on the work of Dr. John Zeisel and the Hearthstone Institute, the I’m Still Here® approach believes every person living with dementia is still here and can experience a high quality of life regardless of the severity of memory loss. Through optimization of evidence-based communication techniques, environmental adaptations, and meaningful life enrichment programming, persons living with dementia are fully supported, confident, and able to learn and create throughout their lives.

Grounded on the four fundamental human rights of honoring a person’s dignity, respect, independence, and choice, the I’m Still Here® approach utilizes techniques and actions that:

  • Focus on the abilities and strengths that remain available to each person
  • Adapt to each person’s stage of dementia to maintain and increase levels of functioning
  • Employ personally meaningful programming and materials – engagement is essential!
  • Create purposeful and enriching social roles and human relationships
  • Connect the individual with the larger community.

To embed these principles throughout the Elder Care Alliance memory care programs, team members receive intensive training in Alzheimer’s disease and other related dementias, communication techniques, the finishing experience, managing behavioral expressions, and life enrichment.

A daily “flow” in each community is established to create increased opportunities for choice of life enrichment activities, safe and supportive care and supervision, and meaningful human connections. The observable outcomes of this approach replace the four “A’s” of Alzheimer’s- anxiety, agitation, aggression, and apathy- with engagement, the focus of attention, language expression, positive mood, accessing memories, emotional connectedness, social participation, short-term event memory, and future orientation.

This is the best assisted living and memory care in Ventura County. They took such loving care of my mom for almost 10 years, Thank you AlmaVia!Kristi B.AlmaVia of Camarillo

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