Our Culture 

We honor and celebrate the inherent worth of each person. From innovative ideas on senior care to investing in our team members’ professional development, our residents’ wellbeing and dignity are at the forefront of all we do. We strive to respond to each person with compassion and create an environment that fosters holistic wellness and empowerment.

Our Culture | Elder Care Alliance

A Culture of Caring

Two of Elder Care Alliance’s core values are dignity and caring. From our extensive training with teams on our care philosophy for memory care and assisted living to our spiritual care directors in each community, we put care first. 

For 40 years, the Mercy Brown Bag Program has supported seniors by providing two bags of nutritious groceries a month to Alameda County low-income seniors. Learn more about this innovative program where seniors are helping seniors.


Outstanding care starts with the people providing it. Our team members aren’t just doing; they’re learning. New managers complete about two weeks of in-depth training, while new memory care team members complete comprehensive training to learn about the effects of Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia, communication techniques, and how to lead programming. Additionally, there are courses on engaging residents in ways that meet their individual needs and interests. We know that a happy, healthy staff translates to happy, healthy residents.

Research and Innovation

Our communities contribute to the larger field of senior living and aging by fostering a collaborative environment where we embrace and actively engage with research institutions to support creation and innovation. Our shared experiences in enrichment, creativity, exploration, and continuing education allow us to offer ideas and solutions to improve senior care and shed light on innovative programs and activities. The wellbeing and dignity of older adults are at the forefront of all we do. Therefore, we have partnered with the UC Berkeley School of Public Health ChangeLab and Institute for Senior Living think tank for a “Stories of Transition” project beginning in Spring 2022. “Stories of Transition” is a student and peer social impact initiative to capture and share stories of transition in later life. The project seeks to educate, motivate, inspire, and begin to discuss openly, navigating change and dispelling stereotypes while being honest and proactive about the realities of aging.

Elder Care Alliance has partnered with California College of the Arts Center for Art and Public Life since the Fall of 2012. Through this partnership, individual art interns have completed a wide variety of projects with us through the student-run design studio as well as their mural arts class. In addition, we have hired several students into long-term and contract work with us. We have also continued in relationship with the students for years.  

Holistic Wellness

When home is an Elder Care Alliance community, it means excellent care grounded in our belief in holistic wellness: nurturing the body, mind, and spirit. We strive to provide services that treat every resident as an individual, focusing on each aspect of their unique needs while providing opportunities to enhance the eight dimensions of wellness.

Physical Wellness

includes maintaining a healthy diet, sleeping well, and remaining active. In our communities, team members manage medications, help manage chronic health conditions, and strive to support residents’ health and mobility.

Social Wellness

is the ability to create and maintain meaningful personal connections, a sense of belonging, and a well-established support system. We take pride in helping our residents form new friendships and strengthen existing bonds through various opportunities.

Spiritual Wellness

is about finding alignment between our values and actions, connecting to our purpose, and finding meaning in life. We’re dedicated to meeting the spiritual needs of all residents, no matter their beliefs.

Emotional Wellness

is the ability to understand oneself and foster healthy relationships that empower us to deal with life’s challenges. Our communities offer various opportunities to help residents manage stress, build self-esteem and maintain a positive attitude.


means having opportunities to put our unique talents and passions to work to maintain a sense of purpose and accomplish new goals. Such meaningful work can boost self-esteem and lower depression.

Creative Wellness

means having is about finding the expressive activities that bring contentment and satisfaction to our residents. From singing to the arts to step-by-step projects.

Intellectual Wellness

is tied to maintaining creativity, being open to new ideas, and learning. Therefore, we provide various resources that allow residents to stretch their minds and discover new things daily.

Environmental Wellness

involves living in harmony with the environment, having a conscious relationship with the surrounding world, and creating positive environments. Each community has outdoor living spaces designed to support connection with the outside environment.

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