Artistic Projects Bring Engagement, Beauty to AlmaVia of San Rafael

For people who love art, the hallways and common spaces at AlmaVia of San Rafael provide a feast for the eyes.

Artistically talented residents create a continual rotation of new works that add color and beauty to the community. Working both individually and with a local artist who facilitates a class in the community twice a month, residents create pieces that are displayed throughout AlmaVia of San Rafael.

“The projects that are going on in the building are as numerous as they are creative,” notes Life Enrichment Coordinator Bailey Wockner.

In addition to the resident artists, a small group of knitters known as the Knitwits meets each Monday to discuss their projects and work together. Another group of residents competes in putting together several challenging puzzles each week, Bailey said.

Who are some of the residents lending artistic flair to AlmaVia of San Rafael?

Joe Saccone

Resident Joe Saccone, age 103, began coloring intricate artwork about six months ago as a therapeutic way to spend time. Joe finds his artistic hobby a beneficial way to relax and work on his coordination abilities at the same time. As his skills improve, he’s working on more challenging projects that feature larger pictures and tinier lines.

Virginia Peterson

Calm, caring and concentrated, resident Virginia Peterson spent much of her life working as a nurse in Brooklyn and Iceland. She began writing poetry in 1967 after her father’s death and now says profound emotions and moving experiences inspire her poetry. Her work has been published several times, and she continues to look for inspiration for future works.

John Horton

After spending a career in business, John Horton began doodling while talking on the phone. His hobby started with cartoon characters drawn with regular ink pens, later advancing to colored pencils and pens. John uses an unconventional process for creating his art; he starts by making random slash marks on paper then creates a pleasing shape based on those marks. Completing a work provides a feeling of satisfaction, John says.

Promoting Creative Outlets and Engagement

The Life Enrichment team at AlmaVia of San Rafael — including Bailey as well as Life Enrichment Director Emma Berkley and Transportation Specialist Phil Ehteshami — believes that artistic projects provide an important way to help keep residents engaged.

“Providing a creative outlet for residents to express themselves is a great way to fulfill portions of the seven dimensions of wellness,” Bailey noted. By choosing different projects to highlight, the Life Enrichment team presents the work of a diverse array of residents for everyone’s enjoyment.

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