At-Home Workouts That Are Perfect for Older Adults

Maintaining physical health through exercise is essential for people of all ages. Here at Elder Care Alliance, we know regular physical activity is vital for older adults. It can increase energy, decrease illness, and improve mobility. As important as exercise is for the physical body, it’s also a key component of good mental health.

Many mature adults avoid working out because they don’t want to pay for a gym membership or worry about the drive to and from the gym. Fortunately, you can get an excellent workout without leaving your home. Here are some of the best exercise routines older adults can do at home.

Workouts for older adults. Senior man exercises with resistance band.


Pilates is a great at-home workout because it doesn’t require expensive gym equipment. The only thing you’ll need is a Pilates exercise ball. This form of exercise mainly focuses on improving core strength, flexibility, breathing, and balance. Some popular exercises in a typical at-home Pilates workout include step-ups, leg circles, foot slides, and mermaid stretches.

Chair Yoga

If you’re looking for a low-impact workout routine that doesn’t require a lot of stability, chair yoga is a great choice. It helps you move your body through a wide range of motions while using a chair to remain stable and reduce your fall risk. Chair yoga can help improve your flexibility comfortably and safely. It also helps facilitate improved blood flow throughout the body. Popular chair yoga exercises include overhead stretches, seated twists, seated cow-cat stretches, and seated mountain poses.

Bodyweight Workouts

It’s natural for the human body to lose muscle mass with age. To slow down or prevent further loss, try bodyweight workouts. These workouts are not plyometric, so they don’t involve jumping motions that can be hard on joints. You don’t need any special equipment to perform bodyweight workouts, though you may want to invest in a yoga mat for comfort. Try adding the following exercises into your at-home workouts: hip bridges, squats to a chair, side-lying leg circles, and bird dogs.

Resistance Bands

Resistance training is highly recommended for mature adults because it helps maintain strong bones and muscles. However, some older adults may struggle to maneuver traditional hand-held weights like dumbbells and kettlebells. If you are uncomfortable with regular weights, consider investing in resistance bands. They’re inexpensive, easy to handle, and can help you gently build muscle strength. They can also help increase your flexibility and strengthen your core while you work out various muscle groups. Purchase a set of bands with multiple resistance levels to tailor your workouts to your physical abilities and needs. Here are some resistance band exercises to add to your workout routine: bicep curls, triceps presses, lateral raises, and leg presses.

Growing older doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to decreased flexibility and rapid muscle loss. By committing yourself to exercising regularly, you can stay healthy and strong through all phases of life. Cycle through the exercises in this guide to develop a well-rounded exercise routine that will keep you spry and mobile through your golden years.

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