Ways to Celebrate Earth Day at Any Age

Learning how to take better care of the earth is a big movement for younger generations. But many young people don’t realize older adults are just as invested in protecting the earth and its limited resources. Anyone who lived through the Great Depression is likely to value reusable items over their single-use counterparts.

It can be much fun to involve older family members in your efforts to take better care of the earth and ensure it’s still in good condition for future generations. If you want to celebrate Earth Day in a fun way for people of all ages, here are some ideas Elder Care Alliance recommends.

Ways to Celebrate Earth Day at Any Age

Plant a Tree

Planting a small tree can be fun for younger kids to do with older adults. You might plant the tree in your yard, at a city park (with approval), or in a friend’s yard. Select a tree native to the area that will grow well in the environment without requiring a lot of additional water or resources.

Take a Walk

There’s arguably no better way to celebrate Earth Day than by enjoying the beauties it provides. Walking and paying attention to the beauties around you is a healthy pastime you can easily do with an older loved one. You don’t have to walk far. Even a simple trip around the block or a park is sufficient. Point out the beautiful plants and creatures you see along the way.

Plant a Garden

Planting a garden and being self-sufficient are great ways to care for the earth. In addition to beautifying your property, a garden can offer various health benefits. Don’t forget to plant some flowers when you celebrate Earth Day so your local bees have plenty of food. A healthy bee population is essential for future plant growth.


Older adults often love to watch and identify birds. Consider taking them for a bird-watching outing to ensure your senior loved one has a wonderful Earth Day. You may drive to a prime location in the mountains or sit on the back porch with binoculars. Either way, your loved one will enjoy time with you in nature.

Pick up Litter

Picking up litter around your community is a beautiful and responsible way to celebrate Earth Day. If you take an older adult who struggles to bend over, consider investing in a trash grabber tool. It makes trash removal both safe and sanitary.   

Repurpose an Item

If possible, it’s best to reuse items before throwing them away. With an older loved one by your side, go through some of the things you plan to dispose of and figure out ways to repurpose and reuse them. This can be a fun activity that often yields unexpected results.

Celebrating Earth Day with an older adult can be much fun. Give some of the above activities a try to show your love for the earth.

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