Team Member Spotlight: Shannon Nevins

Every month we invite one of our team members to sit down with us and tell us more about their journey to Elder Care Alliance, their role now, and their insights into older adult care. We are excited to share the expertise and knowledge of our many team members whom every day come to work and help our residents live their best lives today with us.

Today we welcome Shannon Nevins, Regional Life Enrichment Director.

Us: Hi Shannon, tell us a little about your background and role at Elder Care Alliance.

Shannon: My life has taken many twists and turns, I started with getting my associates in criminal justice, intending to join the military after finishing Junior college, but after having my son, I decided to take a different path and went on to receive my Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science Health & Wellness. Not knowing what I wanted to do with my career, I decided to go back to school and receive my Master’s Degree in Public Health. While working on my master’s degree, a job in senior living fell into my lap, and I became a fitness assistant at a local CCRC community. After working there for over a year, I was promoted to wellness lead at one of the company’s sister communities, where I worked for over two years. I moved from Illinois to California and became a Life Enrichment Director at an RCFE in Livermore.

From the moment I started working in senior living, I knew I had found my passion and where my heart lay, working in senior care. But I was driven to do more, which brought me to Elder Care Alliance. As the Regional Life Enrichment Director, I am responsible for all ECA communities’ Memory Care and Life Enrichment operations. One thing I love about my new role here at ECA is the ability to learn and grow in the senior living industry. My focus is not just activities but also the overall well-being of the residents in each community and utilizing a more holistic approach when caring for residents.

Us: How does your work benefit residents at Elder Care Alliance communities?

Shannon: Programming is an imperative aspect of senior living communities and benefits residents. Programming can help improve residents’ quality of life and helps reduce loneliness. Substantial evidence shows the benefits of activities for residents’ physical, psychological, social, and spiritual well-being. My work at ECA helps residents through activities and holistic approaches and interventions to help individual residents that may be exhibiting negative behaviors and not just going directly to medication.

Us: Tell us more about a specific feature of your job/duties and what residents can expect to gain from that.

Shannon: As the Regional Life Enrichment Director, I review monthly programming at all ECA communities. In that review, I ensure communities provide all domains of wellness for residents, along with challenging Life Enrichment Directors to elevate their programming and get creative and innovative. Residents can expect programming that enriches their lives and encourages them to get out of their comfort zone and try and learn something new.

Us: What is one of your favorite memories/experiences working at Elder Care Alliance?

Shannon: One of my favorite memories working at ECA was going to AlmaVia of San Francisco’s Heart of Gold celebration. The room was filled with residents, team members, and support center team members. Everyone coming together to celebrate team members’ success was something I had never seen before at a community. Everyone from team members to residents were a true family and community.

Us: What is the greatest reward that your role at Elder Care Alliance brings?

Shannon: Although I have more of a regional role, the greatest reward to me is going into communities and still making personal connections with residents. I thought changing to a regional role would lose that personal connection I made with residents, but at ECA, I can still connect and get to know residents. I can also see the joy the different programming puts on residents’ faces when I am in a community, which makes my day knowing ECA communities are providing exceptional programming to residents.

Us: Can you share any insights into new programs/menus/etc. you are planning for the future? 

Shannon: I’m looking to start encouraging all ECA community Life Enrichment Directors to think out of the box and create innovative, purposeful programming. To encourage programming where residents learn new skills and share their wisdom and teaching skills through intergenerational programming. I want to help ECA take programming to the next level.

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