• Five Stimulating Activities for Your Loved One with Dementia

    AlmaVia of San Rafael residents exercising

    More than 50 million people around the world live with dementia. These people require extra love and attention. To better connect with the people you love and encourage healthy brain activity, it’s vital to engage in fun, brain-stimulating activities with them regularly. Here are five ideas for stimulating dementia activities you can try today. 1. […]

  • Management For Chronic Pain In Older Adults: Tips That Help

    Management For Chronic Pain In Older Adults: Tips That Help

    The older we get, the more likely we are to have chronic pain. Studies show that starting around the age of 55-65, a larger percentage of the population begins to experience chronic pain. And those numbers continue to increase as we age. Let’s face it, with age, many experience more and more pain throughout their […]

  • 20 Fall Prevention Tips – Fall Prevention Awareness Day: Sept. 22nd

    Fall Prevention Awareness Day | Elder Care Alliance

    As you get older, any type of fall can land you in the doctor’s office or even the hospital. That is why states have adopted the first day of fall — Sept. 22nd — as Fall Prevention Awareness Day. For aging adults, the best-case scenario is to avoid a fall altogether and to do that, […]

  • ECA Approved to Host Alameda Chapter of Aging2.0

    Aging 2.0 Chapters Logo

    Elder Care Alliance is honored to announce our approval to host the Alameda Chapter of Aging2.0. The accomplishment comes after several months of engaging in a rigorous interview process, and we look forward to creating original events in our Support Center to continue our commitment to innovation in aging. Aging2.0 is dedicated to supporting cutting-edge […]

  • Creating Supportive Environments for LGBT Seniors

    For LGBT elders, recent years have brought a welcome shift in attitudes — and more acceptance. In cities across the country, parades and celebrations marked Pride Month in June, and the festivities are slated to continue throughout the summer. But lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender seniors also have experienced darker times when they did not […]

  • Support and Activities for Older Adults who Enjoy Solitude

    Social isolation has serious risks for older adults. Individuals who have minimal contact with friends or family members are at higher risk of illness and death, and they experience higher health care costs than seniors who engage with others often. The Villa at San Mateo and other organizations offer a variety of activities to help […]

  • Join the City’s Senior Pilot Transportation Program

    Need a ride? There’s still time to participate in the city’s Senior Rides program! The City of San Mateo Senior Rides Pilot Transportation Program offers affordable transportation service to adults over the age of 60 who are current residents of the City of San Mateo. The program runs through June 30 and offers service when […]

  • June Is Men’s Health Month

    During Men’s Health Month in June, the White House and the federal government encourage early detection of diseases affecting men. The campaign also raises awareness of preventable health problems and the benefits of seeking medical advice and timely treatment for injuries and illnesses. At The Villa at San Mateo, we believe that physical wellness comprises […]

  • 7 Tips to Keep Older Adults Safe this Summer

    Summer has arrived, providing welcome relief from spring allergies. While having fun this summer, there are some seasonal safety considerations for older adults. June is National Safety Month, when the National Safety Council and other groups strive to raise awareness of the top causes of injury. What are some steps older adults can take to […]

  • The Villa Challenge: Redesigning Space to Support Aging in Place

    Calling all creatives! Help us re-imagine unused space at the iconic Villa Hotel, a major entertainment venue back in its 1950s heyday. Now home to The Villa at San Mateo, we’re inviting community members to participate in The Villa Challenge competition to redesign space that supports aging in place. Spaces included in the challenge were […]

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