Creativity on Display at AlmaVia of San Francisco Art Show and Auction

Creativity and ability were highlighted at the Glorious Moments Art Show and Auction as those living with some form of dementia proudly displayed their artwork. Residents of AlmaVia of San Francisco’s (AVSF) Bridgehaven, Gardens, and Oasis memory care neighborhoods came together on November 16 to showcase their artwork and raise money. Twenty-two works of art were sold, raising more than $3,000 benefitting memory care programming at AVSF.

“We can still create a lot of things more than other people can,” said AVSF Memory Care Director Josephine Davis. “I want to remove the stigma about dementia. I want them to know that just because you have dementia, it doesn’t mean you’re gone. No, you’re not. This is just the beginning of your life.”

Residents enjoyed being spotlighted as artists for the night. But the creativity didn’t stop on the canvas. The entire event was planned by those residents.

“They planned all the details, from what was going to be on the menu to the music that would be played for the guests,” said Elder Care Alliance President & CEO Adriene Iverson. “So, this is really their event. I think that’s a beautiful thing, to feel as if they’ve created not just the artwork, but also the event itself.”

AVSF and all Elder Care Alliance communities strive to create communities where people are empowered and engaged, allowing residents to flourish using the I’m Still Here® approach from Dr. John Zeisel and the Hearthstone Institute. Every person living with dementia is still here and can experience a high quality of life regardless of the severity of memory loss.

“It’s an outlet for them to see they can still have an impact on the world. As people are looking at the artwork, they’re moved by it. This is putting beauty into the world. They also know they’re raising money,” Iverson said.

“The reason we do this is because a lot of people think that when you have dementia, you can’t do anything. I want to change this perception and show everyone that those with dementia are still alive … they’re still human beings,” Davis said.

Donations to the memory care programming at AVSF are still being collected, and calendars showcasing the resident artwork are also for sale. If you’re interested in contributing or purchasing a calendar, please call AlmaVia of San Francisco at 415-337-1339.

For help or more information contact us or schedule a visit at a location today.