One of my favorite parts about working for Mercy Brown Bag is working with all of the amazing volunteers

and seeing them work together. There is so much joy, collaboration, and love that fills the sites and makes everyone feel welcome. And it’s fun! I think about places like Eden Issei Terrace that has a fantastic team of volunteers that truly have so much fun serving together.

“You guys have a good rhythm!” said the service coordinator to one of the volunteers. “Yes, working with each other is very good,” said the volunteer back to her. I love seeing the volunteers take charge of the site and run it by themselves. They know what to do!

I also enjoy seeing the impact of community engagement on the recipients. People smile, laugh, and catch up while they are waiting in line for their food. I hear so many people saying, “It’s so good to see you! How are you?” I love how Brown Bag brings people out of their rooms and provides a space for socialization. It’s so important to recognize that food is just one element that this program provides. We need people at every stage of life, especially when we get older. It’s so important to know that we are not alone.

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