AlmaVia of San Rafael Resident Spotlight: Andy Judd

Comfort and cards make a San Rafael senior living community home.

For Andy Judd, AlmaVia of San Rafael’s location—close to his daughter’s home—was one part of his decision to join the community seven months ago. Last week, she dropped by with his five-year-old grandson and 10-year-old granddaughter just to say hi on their way back from a movie.

“I’m two minutes away from my family,” Judd says. “And that’s wonderful.”

Finding Friends in San Rafael Senior Living

When he’s not enjoying visits with relatives, Judd spends time with his AlmaVia family and takes advantage of the community’s wide range of activities.

Joseph Sarto, the community’s Executive Director, frequently serenades residents with impromptu piano concerts and, every two weeks, a woman whose father used to live in the community hosts a blackjack game. A group also gathers nightly on the second floor to play various card games. Judd recently taught them one of his favorites, kings in the corner.

“It’s not a complicated game,” he says. “But it’s fun.”

Judd’s evening card games and other AlmaVia endeavors are part of his overall goal to stay active—something that he says, “helps the brain keep working.”

Personalized Care for Seniors

What makes life at AlmaVia of San Rafael special is the bond between residents and staff. Last April, Judd paused at a caregiver’s office on his way out of the dining room. She provided the care he needed at the time and continues to help him manage medications.

“They check on you all the time,” Judd, 91-year-old Washington state native says. “If you need something, and the staff can possibly do it for you, they’ll do it for you. They really take an interest in you, and you feel that.”

That type of personalized care is one of the main reasons Judd, a World War II veteran, moved to AlmaVia seven months ago.

“When you’re my age, you want to be comfortable and try to enjoy yourself—and I do,” he says. “From the management to the person who cleans your room, they try to keep you as happy as they can. I couldn’t ask for a better place.”

Judd’s experience with AlmaVia staff isn’t unique, but knowing that people are watching out for him—his physical health and his overall happiness—makes the community feel like home.

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