Oakland Rehabilitation Program Changes Long-Term Care for the Better

The long-term care program at Mercy Retirement & Care Center offers residents the care they need and preserves independence and dignity.

Today’s skilled nursing communities are nothing like nursing homes of the past. The Mercy Care Center is the perfect example. At the Care Center, residents receive the care they need in a comforting, restorative environment. Our person-centered care approach values each resident as an individual, supporting their independence as much as possible.

The long-term care program at Mercy offers 24-hour care for residents who require round-the-clock medical care and significant assistance with daily activities. The Care Center offers a variety of services that cater to a wide range of physical, emotional and social needs. Residents have access to physical, speech and occupational therapists as well as nutritional services from registered dietitians.

“The goal is to provide support, companionship and care in a manner that would be similar to home,” says Glen Goddard, Health Care Administrator at Mercy Care & Retirement Center. “Families see the difference of this social model versus a hospital, medical setting.”

The grounds and activities at Mercy help create a home-like feeling. Outdoor courtyards provide a chance to enjoy nature in a secure environment. High ceilings and carpeted floors add to the Care Center’s comfortable feel. Weekly outings and volunteer programs give residents opportunities to socialize with each other and local community members.

Support staff are available to assist residents with daily activities, such as bathing, grooming or just getting around. The compassionate team at the Care Center strives to balance giving residents the help they need while ensuring that they maintain their independence. Staff work to help residents make their own decisions and to empower them to lead their day-to-day lives as they wish, Goddard says.

“We look to the residents as to how they want to pace their day versus us applying a medical structure to their day,” he says. “We look to where we can increase residents’ [participation] in activities at their pace and at their level.”

The Care Center’s focus on person-centered care is grounded in The Eden Alternative approach, which strives to change the culture of long-term care, says Erin Partridge, MA, ATR, Art Therapist and Life Enrichment Coordinator at Mercy Retirement & Care Center. This philosophy approaches care as a collaborative partnership between caregivers and care receivers.

“We go to the resident as the expert in their needs. If they’re not able to advocate for themselves or let us know what their preferences are, then it’s someone close to them,” she says. “It’s individualized care directly coming from those we’re caring for.”

Partridge identifies this as a key difference between the Care Center and other elder care communities.

“The Eden Alternative approach provides that missing piece [to long-term care],” she says. “It’s supportive of individual medical needs but also treats residents as whole human beings.”

In line with the Eden Alternative approach, the Care Center stays up-to-date with best clinical practices. The Mercy Retirement & Care Center maintains a Five Star Quality Rating by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and has received a five-star rating from the U.S. News & World Report. The Care Center has also sustained high resident satisfaction for the past three years, while employee engagement ratings continue to achieve company objectives.

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