Meet AlmaVia of San Francisco’s New Executive Director!

AlmaVia of San Francisco has a new Executive Director, and we are excited to introduce her to you.

Pamela Hamilton joined our community as Executive Director in May. Phil Altman, Elder Care Alliance’s Director of Operations, introduced Pam to AVSF residents and staff and noted how excited he was to be welcoming her to the team.

Pam has significant experience in senior living, having been an executive director for a number of years. Phil noted that while her career has taken her on different paths, she has always made her mission about service to others.

If you get to know Pam, you’ll find that she is from Fresno, but her delightful British accent will give away the fact that she did not grow up there. She also lived in Georgia for 20 years but is excited to be in the Bay Area where her grandchildren live.

Pam received her education from the University of Warwick, which consistently ranks among the top 10 British universities. She has received a variety of social media endorsements from colleagues for skills including leadership development, mentoring, coaching, counseling, elder care, and nonprofits.

A History of Outreach

Pam’s interpersonal skills serve her well as an executive director in senior living, and she looks forward to getting to know everyone in the AVSF community. Coincidentally, Pam met AVSF’s Father Freddie years ago in India while working with Mother Teresa. She and Father Freddie are bringing their outreach efforts to the San Francisco community and will invite members to AVSF to eat, play and pray.

Elder Care Alliance and AlmaVia of San Francisco are pleased to welcome Pam to the community!

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