Meet AlmaVia of Camarillo’s New Executive Director

AlmaVia of Camarillo is pleased to introduce new Executive Director, Matthew Hathway, who joined our team in May.

Matthew has a wealth of education and experience, making him the ideal candidate for our Executive Director position. He has spent of the last several years in the health care field with several organizations in Southern California, spanning senior living, mental health, skilled nursing and other disciplines.

He understands the nuances of the Southern California market along with the working environment. Matthew also has significant personal experience with the intricacies of senior living, having been involved as his grandfather received care in a skilled nursing community. He noted that the experience gave him a deeper understanding of the important role our care staff play in the care provided both to residents and their loved ones.

Matthew earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology at California State University, Northridge, where he participated in the group Graduate Students for Psychological Intervention as well as Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity.

From 2006 to 2008, Matthew also earned his Master’s in Clinical Psychology from California State University, Northridge. He continued his participation in Graduate Students for Psychological Intervention, serving as Public Relations Director and Activities Director for the organization.

Matthew has received multiple social media endorsements from colleagues for his expertise in mental health, psychology, developmental disabilities, nonprofits and social services, along with skills like public speaking, crisis intervention, psychotherapy and group therapy.

Promoting Staff Development

Matthew is fully supportive of Elder Care Alliance’s New Employee Partners Program, which recently graduated its first class. He noted that the program provides staff members with someone to turn to when they need to share challenges or receive feedback. In addition, Partner graduates develop a sense of purpose in helping orient new team members. The program is expected to play a key role in helping to retain valued staff members.

He added that he appreciates Elder Care Alliance’s emphasis on staff development. We excited that Matthew has joined us as Executive Director of AlmaVia of Camarillo!

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