Long-Time Team Members Enjoy Serving Residents

At AlmaVia of San Rafael, a number of longtime staff members contribute to a strong sense of community that benefits both residents and employees.

Team members who have been with AlmaVia of San Rafael for more than 10 years include:

  • Ricardo Ortiz — Lead Cook
  • Surjit Kaur — Dining Server
  • Tracy Gibson — Administrative Services Director
  • Leslie Ortiz Miranda — Medical Technician
  • Paula Mira — Resident Assistant
  • Maritza Gonzalez — Medical Technician
  • Joe Marie Espinosa — Maintenance Technician
  • Alba Perdomo — Housekeeper

These long-term employees noted the ways in which residents benefit from contact with team members who have been with the community for a number of years. Med Tech Leslie said residents benefit because the long-time staff members know their needs and preferences very well and can help improve their quality of life.

As Joe noted, “The residents can get to know you, and they are happy to see your face.”

Encouraging Longevity

How does AlmaVia of San Rafael encourage longevity among team members?

“The atmosphere is great, and there is a strong sense of community,” Leslie said. “Every day is not the same; there is always something new.”

Joe cited the great teamwork among employees and said it’s rewarding working with individuals who have been with the community for so long. “We are the pioneers,” he said.

In many instances, long-term employees think outside the box to help ensure resident satisfaction and to foster happiness and engagement. Leslie recalled going out to get a hamburger one day when a resident expressed a desire for one, too.

“I got her one as well, and she was so happy,” Leslie said. “It was one of the biggest smiles I had ever seen from her.” Joe added that any day he can laugh and joke with residents is a good one, while Alba said she learns something new from residents each day.

On a serious note, Joe described his job as service that benefits residents.

“AlmaVia is a very good and nice place,” Alba added. “The residents are also very kind.”

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