How AlmaVia of San Rafael Stays at the Forefront of Senior Issues

AlmaVia of San Rafael is committed to staying at the forefront of senior issues. By keeping informed about the latest developments in senior living, we constantly evaluate and improve the ways in which we help residents continue to thrive.

One of the ways AlmaVia of San Rafael stays informed about senior-related information is through collaboration with other organizations. Elder Care Alliance holds collaboration as one of its core values and describes it in its organizational mission.

Teamwork is critical to the success of Elder Care Alliance, leaders note, and we seek out alliances with other innovative organizations.

Collaboration: A Core Value

A powerful example of that culture of collaboration is our relationship with the Marin County Section on Aging, a coalition of individuals, agencies and organizations focusing on the well-being of seniors.

Since our community opened 11 years ago, we’ve hosted the organization’s monthly meetings, which provide information and discussion relating to a variety of current topics.

Interesting Subjects, Speakers

The Marin County Section on Aging monthly meetings offer a variety of speakers presenting information on engaging topics of interest to seniors and their loved ones.

In August, speakers will discuss ways to improve online presence, including gaining better results for small businesses on social media platforms like LinkedIn. In addition, a search engine-optimization specialist and writer will share information about using SEO techniques to bring in business.

The October topic for the Marin County Section on Aging meeting centers around “revivement” — a word coined by the speaker to represent continuing to thrive after retirement. The session focuses on changing retirement into “revivement,” including moving past old ways of thinking.

The presenter hopes that individuals who have retired will “wake up to a new and better life” after retirement. The presentation includes tips on improving brain power, influencing genes to improve health, and increasing longevity.

In November, a panel of experts will discuss issues of interest for individuals who plan a move to a senior living community.

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