AlmaVia of Camarillo opens new Country Café

What’s better than a delicious, fresh muffin first thing in the morning? How about getting that muffin in a beautiful café that’s close to home and also provides a variety of necessities?

The new Country Café at AlmaVia of Camarillo meets that description and more. This brand-new dining venue serves all day at no extra cost to residents and offers a variety of homemade muffins — including chocolate, banana nut and blueberry — along with a delicious assortment of fruits, cookies, scones and freshly brewed coffee and tea.

Convenient Shopping

At the new Country Café, residents also have the opportunity to shop for a variety of household and hygiene products. If you happen to run out of something and you need it in a pinch, you can get popular products in the new venue. In addition, the café offers a range of favorite snacks, including candy bars, mixed nuts, crackers, chips and more.

The new café is in a space that residents previously enjoyed — and now will offer a convenient option for picking up necessities right on campus. The opportunity to enjoy an engaging conversation or catch up on news articles over a great cup of coffee is now right around the corner.

In the photo, resident Jack Spencer and Executive Director Matthew Hathway take a look at the new Country Café. We hope you’ll visit soon!

For help or more information contact us or schedule a visit at a location today.