How Technology Can Improve Senior Health

Many people are under the impression that it’s natural to become less informed about technology as you age. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Senior health and technology can go hand in hand, as shown by recent research and technological advancements aimed to improve people’s quality of life as they age.  

If you’re wondering how technology can help an older adult in your life or how it can help you age more gracefully, there is much to learn. Here are a few things Elder Care Alliance thinks you should know about how technology can improve life well into your golden years and beyond.

technology and senior health

Fitness Support

Many senior adults prefer to spend the majority of their time in their own homes. This makes sense, considering that the home is one of their safest and most familiar environments. There are fitness trackers designed specifically for older adults to facilitate physical activity in the home. These trackers help the wearers stay active and healthy and detect falls that may occur while walking on the treadmill or engaging in other physical activities. These trackers bring senior health and technology together seamlessly.

Food Delivery Services

As people grow older, getting the nutrition required for the body and mind to function optimally can become more challenging. Whether it’s a decline in energy or trouble seeing and getting around that makes it harder to cook healthy foods, food delivery is another area where senior health and technology can go hand in hand.

Seniors can use apps to order food from local restaurants online. The apps allow seniors to receive ready-to-eat meals in minutes without leaving their homes. For those who like having food delivered to their door but prefer home-cooked meals, some services deliver the raw ingredients and recipes and allow you to cook the meals yourself. These technologically advanced services make it easier for older adults to ensure adequate caloric and nutrient intake.

Long-Distance Communication

Communicating with loved ones is essential for mental health through all phases of life. But it can be challenging for seniors who live away from their children and grandchildren to maintain an emotional connection. This is one area where senior health and technology are tightly interwoven.

Free video call services such as FaceTime and Skype make it easy to call loved ones immediately. These services allow you to see your loved ones’ faces as you converse with them. This can make it feel almost like they’re sitting in the same room with you and can help you stay connected even when you’re miles apart.

Entertainment and Games

Tablets and e-readers are great for seniors because they provide endless entertainment and games. Seniors may appreciate the larger screens tablets offer when compared to smartphones. These devices can be used to play brain-stimulating games, watch movies and television series and read books.

As you can see, senior health and technology are a match made in heaven. If you want to ensure the seniors in your life are as healthy and happy as possible, consider gifting them the above products or services.

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