Seniors and Pets

  • Best Pets for Seniors

    Best Pets for Seniors

    There is something incredibly special about the bond between a person and their pet. For older adults, pets can make a positive difference in their quality of life. If your loved one is thinking of getting a pet, you should research your options thoroughly. Some pets are better at providing companionship while others are easier…

  • Seniors and Pets

    Seniors and Pets

    Elder Care Alliance recognizes that senior life can be intensely lonely. When you no longer have children in your home to provide companionship and conversation, the house can feel unbearably quiet and empty. That’s why many older adults decide to get one or more pets. Dogs are particularly popular among senior adults because they are……

  • Health Benefits of Pets for Older Adults

    Health Benefits of Pets for Older Adults

    There are many things older adults no longer have to worry about, such as working a full-time job or raising small children. But even though reduced responsibilities may seem good, the extra downtime can induce feelings of loneliness. Pet ownership can provide companionship, comfort and entertainment for people of all ages, including those living out……