• Senior living 101: Guide to retirement options

    With so many terms, options and styles, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to senior living. When choosing retirement options having a clear and concise understanding is crucial to making the right decision in a home. We’ve clarified common terminology when it comes to senior housing. Use this “Senior Living 101” to guide […]

  • Avoiding loneliness as you age/the importance of socialization in seniors

    The holidays are over, and what was supposed to be the most joyous time of the year may have actually been a time that represents sadness for many older adults. Memories of family members that have passed away, struggles from an illness or lack of social interaction may start to cause loneliness and isolation. The […]

  • Top nutrition tips for older adults

    As we age, our bodies change and older adults have different nutritional needs than when they were children or middle-aged adults. Gone are the days of fast metabolism, indulging in junk food and endless bouts of energy. Age-related changes can affect how your body processes food and your dietary needs, but there is no need […]

  • Five fitness tips for the new year

    January – the perfect time to re-evaluate and prioritize goals, figure out what didn’t work in the past and make New Year’s resolutions. If you are an older adult looking to live a healthier lifestyle in 2019, we’ve put together five fitness tips to help you establish realistic and attainable goals for the new year. Know […]

  • Fun things to do with your aging relatives during the holiday season

    Visiting your parents and family this holiday season? Instead of staring at the TV, or – even worse – debating politics, try some of these suggestions. Not only are they enjoyable, they provide opportunities to gain insight into how your aging relative is doing. Pull out the photo albums. This is an opportunity to hear […]

  • Housing options for older adults

    If you have an older relative you are caring for, or you’re considering senior housing for yourself, you’ve likely felt overwhelmed by all the choices out there. What are the different options and how do you know which is the right one? Here’s a quick overview of the four most common options for senior care. […]

  • Is it time to consider assisted living for a friend or family member?

    Life decisions can be hard, especially when you’re considering whether to move a loved one into assisted living. Here are some signs that it might be time. Safety concerns. Are you worried about your loved one getting in and out of the shower or tub? Have they recently had a fall or accident? According to the […]

  • First Aging2.0 event – Social Robots & Older Adults – a huge success

    First Aging2.0 event – Social Robots & Older Adults – a huge success

    Elder Care Alliance’s (ECA) inaugural Aging2.0 event – Social Robots & Older Adults – was held Oct. 16 and was a huge success with more than 35 engaged attendees. ECA launched an Aging2.0 chapter in August and the October event was its first of four planned events for the first year. The purpose of the […]

  • Get to know Monica Stinson, Vice President of Human Resources at ECA

    Q. You started the new position – Vice President of Human Resources for Elder Care Alliance – in August? What are the goals for you and your team for the first six months? A. My overarching goal is to create a more compelling experience here. More specifically, we are looking at programs closely and asking […]

  • Abode Services honors The Villa at San Mateo as member of Circle of Community Elevators

    The Villa at San Mateo has been selected to the Circle of Community Elevators by Abode Services. Abode Services was founded in 1989 in Alameda and is one of the largest and most effective Bay Area nonprofits. The agency uses evidence-based approaches to end homelessness but said its efforts would fall short without the participation […]

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