Spring Activities for Seniors

Watching the seasons change is one of the most reliable pleasures of life. As an older adult, taking advantage of good weather and sunny days is important, especially if you’ve been feeling cooped up all winter. Use these activity ideas to embrace all that spring has to offer.

Plant Starter Seeds for a Garden

Gardening is great for your mental and physical health. When you notice the spring thaw, you can begin planting starter seeds for your outdoor garden or greenhouse. Pick out seeds at a local nursery, and spend a day setting up your seedlings at your kitchen table or in your garage.

You’ll want to give your seedlings about three to six weeks to mature before planting them in the ground. In some climates, you need to watch the weather to ensure there won’t be any more nights with a chance of frost. In the meantime, you can enjoy the beauty of nature as your seeds grow inside your home.

Plan a Bird Watching Retreat

As with many other animals, birds become much more active in the spring. Bird watching is an excellent activity for older adults, including people living with a disability, mobility issue, or dementia.

Pick up a bird-watching guide from your local library, and ensure you time your excursion correctly. Early morning and sunset are the best times to see birds.

Organize a Spring Picnic

Getting outdoors is important for mental health, and one way to embrace the season is by organizing a picnic. Choose your favorite finger foods and snacks, and head to a local park to soak up some sun. This is a great activity to do with grandchildren and other family members.

Spring Activities for Seniors. Man and woman enjoy picnic outdoors.

Set Up for a Tea Party

If you prefer to stay home while enjoying the fresh spring air, you can plan a tea party to celebrate the season. Coffee also works for this activity.

Invite your close friends or family and use the tea party to spend time together. Reminisce and reflect on your favorite memories of springtime from your childhood, and discuss what plans you want to make for the coming months.

Get Artsy With Craft Time

Making art is incredibly therapeutic, so what better time to do something crafty than during spring? Consider one of these low-effort, high-impact spring craft ideas for older adults: 

  • Pressed flower bookmarks
  • Recycled mug bird feeders
  • Hand-painted flower pots
  • Scrap paper and fabric suncatchers

If you enjoy celebrating seasonal holidays, you can organize an egg-decorating party for Easter or create your own easter basket to gift to a friend or grandchild.

Complete a Cleaning Checklist

While cleaning might not be the first idea that pops into your mind when you think of fun spring activities, it’s a great way to boost your confidence and mood. Plus, keeping your home or bedroom free of clutter helps prevent falls. Make this activity more vibrant by creating a playlist of your favorite songs.

Embrace Social Wellness in a Senior Living Community

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