Resident Spotlight: John Hurford

Following a distinguished career in mechanical engineering, a resident of AlmaVia of San Rafael is earning accolades in a very different field: oil painting.

Resident John Hurford, a native of Southern California and an AlmaVia resident since November 2017, began pursuing oil painting after his early retirement to stimulate his creativity and keep his mind active.

Before beginning his foray into oil painting, Hurford studied mechanical science at UCLA and earned his degree in mechanical engineering. After serving in the U.S. Navy for three years, he returned to UCLA to teach mechanical engineering.

Hurford also has worked as a general building contractor, a real estate developer and an inventor. He has been granted several patents, and he developed a type of communication used by the U.S. government during World War II. Hurford has two children and has lived in the Bay Area for several years.

Hurford said his paintings are creations of his imagination. With his wife’s encouragement, he has created a variety of works — each with its own story to tell. He also said he loves seeing the joy his works of art bring to others.

Elder Care Alliance is committed to a philosophy of holistic wellness and supports residents in a variety of creative pursuits. By following passions such as painting, residents strengthen multiple aspects of overall well-being, including vocational wellness — the opportunity to put unique talents to work as we accomplish personal goals.

Hurford serves as a shining example of putting talents and creativity to exceptional use, and we are delighted he has chosen AlmaVia of San Rafael as his home.

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