Join the City’s Senior Pilot Transportation Program

Need a ride? There’s still time to participate in the city’s Senior Rides program!

The City of San Mateo Senior Rides Pilot Transportation Program offers affordable transportation service to adults over the age of 60 who are current residents of the City of San Mateo. The program runs through June 30 and offers service when you need it, any day and any time.

Participants of the program take eight one-way trips or four round-trip rides each calendar month and pay $5 per trip. To request a ride, you simply call the cab company, and you can schedule rides on-demand at any time, seven days a week.

The transportation program takes riders between the City of San Mateo and Foster City, Belmont, Burlingame, San Carlos and Redwood City. In addition, the program goes to the veterans’ hospitals in Menlo Park and Palo Alto, along with Stanford Hospital. Riders must start or end their trips within the City of San Mateo.

For more information about the program or to request an application, call 650-522-7490.

Driving Considerations for Older Adults

Programs like the City of San Mateo pilot provide a convenient alternative if you prefer to let someone else handle the driving while you relax and see the sights. In some cases, driving can become difficult for older adults – especially at night, and transportation programs can enhance safety and well-being. As part of overall physical and emotional health, The Villa at San Mateo encourages older adults to remain active and to continue engaging with others.

As you age, you may wonder when it’s time to consider allowing someone else to drive for you. Older individuals may begin having trouble with vision, hearing, reflexes and other health conditions that can impair reaction time. In addition, older adults may lose some coordination, flexibility and strength, which can affect the ability to maintain control of a vehicle.

AARP notes that as we age we experience natural changes in our brains that can impact our driving abilities. Staying safe on the roads requires both cognitive and physical abilities, along with driving skills.

The warning signs of unsafe driving may include:

  • Frequent feelings of distraction.
  • Slow response to dangerous situations.
  • Lower confidence in one’s driving abilities.
  • Trouble merging or staying within the appropriate lane.
  • Frequent incidents of near-accidents.
  • Driving too slowly or quickly for the posted speed limit and current road conditions.
  • Frequently scraping or denting vehicles, buildings and mailboxes.
  • Frequently running over curbs when turning or backing up.

If you decide to continue driving, check in with your doctor periodically to ensure your health has not changed. Get your vision and hearing tested annually, and make sure you get enough sleep to keep your reflexes sharp.

When you’re ready to take it easy and let someone else do the driving, consider options like the city’s pilot transportation program.

Source: The Villa at San Mateo

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