Social Robots and Older Adults Focus of Inaugural Aging2.0 Event, Oct. 16

As we develop new roles for robots to play in human life, how might that look in the older adult setting? And what are the promises and limitations of robots in our society? The inaugural event for the Alameda chapter of Aging2.0 kicks off Oct. 16 with a fireside chat on Social Robots & Older Adults: Research, Exploration and Potential.

Attendees will hear from Dr. Erin Partridge, experiential researcher-in-residence at Elder Care Alliance, and Daniella DiPaola, former user experience researcher at Jibo, about a recent MIT Media Lab research study of social robots in assisted living. Afterwards, attendees will be invited to engage in discussion and creative dialogue about the role of robots in human life.

Aging2.0 is a global network on a mission to accelerate innovation to improve lives of older adults around the world. The new Alameda chapter, launched by Elder Care Alliance, is tasked with accelerating local, aging-focused innovation by providing a networking and collaboration hub for inventors, researchers, senior living providers, aging experts, older adults, investors and other interested parties.

Dr. Partridge said the salon-like talks in Alameda will enable a conversation about technology that features the voices of older adults themselves and support more opportunities for exploration of social impact and holistic wellness benefits from technology and collaboration in aging.

The Aging2.0 event begins at 6 p.m. at the Support Center in Alameda, 1301 Marina Village Parkway, Suite 210. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased online. Students and adults 55+ are invited to attend at no cost.

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