Helpful Mobile Apps for Seniors

These days, most people carry a smartphone to keep abreast of the latest news and stay in touch with loved ones. But did you know smartphones may help improve your quality of life?

By loading your mobile device with helpful applications, you can entertain yourself, continue learning, pay your bills, shop, manage the practical aspects of life, and more. Here are some apps we’ve found to meet the needs of the senior population.

Medical Care and Prescription Drugs

If you take medications or have medical conditions to manage, you can benefit from a variety of both free and premium apps. Medically oriented applications can do everything from helping you diagnose a condition to walking you through the steps to take in an emergency.

  • Medisafe helps you organize your prescriptions, provides reminders and helps you track progress with health goals.
  • With the MyChart app, you can can review and manage your medical information and communicate with your doctor.
  • Doctor on Demand allows you to connect immediately with licensed medical providers through both phone calls and audio chats.

Utilities and Finance

Utilitarian apps may not be as flashy as some of their counterparts, but they provide useful functionality that can make everyday life easier.

  • If you need help getting around, Waze is one of the best navigation apps available. This free app alerts you to current traffic conditions, including accidents, along with providing directions for alternate routes.
  • For Android users, Phonotto provides a simple launcher interface that lets you access the functionality you need quickly and easily.
  • Evernote provides a fast, convenient way to take notes on the go, sharing and seamlessly synchronizing them with your desktop computer.
  • Personal finance app Mint allows you to manage all your bills and accounts in one place.

Entertainment and Learning

Your smartphone can serve as a powerful center for learning new things, and opportunities for entertainment are virtually limitless.

  • Lumosity offers a variety of cognitive games and brain teasers.
  • If you love to read, the Kindle app for iPhone or Android allows you to carry your entire e-book collection with you.
  • For music fans, Spotify offers millions of songs.
  • If you prefer listening over traditional reading, consider the vast array of audiobooks available through Audible.
  • With YouTube for Android or iOS, you can find video channels for nearly any area of interest, including documentaries, nature programming, tutorials and more.

Once you’ve outfitted your smartphone with these useful and entertaining apps, you may find that you no longer need a traditional computer.

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