For Your Reading List: New Book Explores An Approach to Art Therapy Rooted In Elder Autonomy & Collaboration.

Based on pioneering research conducted in partnership with Elder Care Alliance, the newly released book “Art Therapy With Older Adults: Connected & Empowered” outlines a framework for art therapy with older adults rooted in a belief in the autonomy and self-efficacy of older adults, including those with dementia or other diseases of later life.

The book was written by ECA’s Experiential Researcher-In-Residence, Dr. Erin Partridge as part of her PhD dissertation work at the Mercy Retirement & Care Center in Oakland, CA. This book aligns perfectly with the ECA Research & Inquiry Position Statement: “Research related to older adults, the field of aging, and intergenerational communities needs to evolve.  Ideally, research and inquiry is in cyclical relationship with best practices and innovation: measuring, shaping and redefining how we live and engage in our communities.”

While this is a clinical book, Dr. Partridge explains that it contains many compelling narrative stories assembled from years of work with the population.  This book will have meaning for anyone working with, living with or supporting older adults across a variety of settings.

Order your copy today with Amazon Smile and make a small donation to Mercy Retirement & Care Center, one of our ECA communities. Alternatively, you can order your book from Good Reads or you can ask for the book by name at your local bookseller.



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