ECA Approved to Host Alameda Chapter of Aging2.0

Elder Care Alliance is honored to announce our approval to host the Alameda Chapter of Aging2.0. The accomplishment comes after several months of engaging in a rigorous interview process, and we look forward to creating original events in our Support Center to continue our commitment to innovation in aging.

Aging2.0 is dedicated to supporting cutting-edge organizations that focus on both opportunities and challenges in the aging services industry. Founded in 2012, Aging2.0 is an international organization that focuses on changing the global conversation about aging from a focus on the local and clinical.

The organization promotes lifestyle-oriented, collaborative approaches to aging. In the past six years, Aging2.0 has served as host to hundreds of events around the world with more than 50 volunteer chapters. The organization includes a global community of more than 17,000 members in 20 countries. In addition, San Francisco-based Aging2.0 partners with more than 150 members of its corporate alliance and works closely with chief executives.

Alameda Chapter

Aging2.0 considers its chapters as serving as extensions to the primary organizational team, in part through ambassadors who share information about innovative strides in aging in their own communities.

Goals for local chapters include supporting the local community by encouraging collaboration by older adult care organizations. By hosting stimulating events, the Alameda Chapter will help bring together individuals who can work together to improve quality of life for older adults.

Chapters also work to connect with local innovators in the aging field and support them as they enrich the lives of older adults. In addition, chapters assist in identifying local, startup organizations offering new insights in the aging services field. By bringing together innovators, the Alameda Chapter supports the greater Aging2.0 organization in collecting data and knowledge, as well as sharing best practices with other organizations.

Ambassadors for individual chapters also assist the Aging2.0 organization by contributing to the online community platform, blog, forums, workshops and other outreach efforts.

Supporting Older Adults’ Quality of Life

By hosting the new Alameda Chapter of Aging2.0, Elder Care Alliance supports the organization’s focus on collaboration, innovation and respect for individuals of every age. We welcome participation by a diverse variety of voices from many communities, including academia, non-profits, the media, businesses and others. We believe that listening to many perspectives makes our community stronger and gives us the most effective tools for enriching the lives of older adults.

We encourage engagement among generations, with programming and communication that bring together older and younger people. In addition, we are committed to assisting in the search for new ideas and thought leadership that can improve the lives of older adults in our area and around the world.

Source: The Villa at San Mateo

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