AlmaVia of San Rafael

Let’s Socialize! Tips to Boost Your Social Wellness

Whether we’re sipping wine on a Friday evening, visiting a new art exhibit or enjoying a beautiful picnic with friends, social wellness and nurturing ourselves and our relationships with other people plays an integral role in overall health and life at AlmaVia of San Rafael. July is Social Wellness Month, a time to recognize the…

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San Rafael Resident Has a Poetic Way with Words

Resident Marcia Rafinski

AlmaVia of San Rafael resident Marcia Rafinski is actively involved with a number of social opportunities throughout our community. The licensed psychotherapist has always enjoyed reading, writing and creating poetry. We’re proud to share her latest work, Spring, which will be published in the upcoming issue of California Assisted Living Association’s News & Views magazine. Spring…

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Older Americans Month: Engage at Every Age

Aging isn’t what it used to be. Life expectancy continues to increase among Americans, but aging may be changing in another profound way. Slower aging — actual alterations to the rate at which people age biologically — may play a significant role in lifespan, research indicates. May is Older Americans Month, an ideal time to…

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“The Lost Torah” donated to AlmaVia of San Rafael


The Fuerstenau/Hamburger/Kodmur Torah had a fascinating and extensive journey before making its way to a special display case at AlmaVia of San Rafael. Here’s the story: This Torah, this sacred scroll, was possibly written by a scribe in Germany in the mid-1800s. It was entrusted to a small congregation in the town of Fuerstenau, a…

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Heart of Gold Award Winners

Heart of gold awards

Team members often choose to work with seniors because they have hearts of gold. At Elder Care Alliance, special employees who strive to enhance residents’ quality of life every day receive the Heart of Gold Award. The award, established in 2002, is presented each year to one employee from each community. Winners exemplify the values…

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Long-Time Team Members Enjoy Serving Residents

Celebrating 10 years at AlmaVia of San Rafael

At AlmaVia of San Rafael, a number of longtime staff members contribute to a strong sense of community that benefits both residents and employees. Team members who have been with AlmaVia of San Rafael for more than 10 years include: Ricardo Ortiz — Lead Cook Surjit Kaur — Dining Server Tracy Gibson — Administrative Services…

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Elder Care Alliance Assists with Fire Evacuations

Elder Care Alliance welcomes wildfire evacuees

As wildfires raged across Northern California in October, scores of older adults were evacuated under extremely difficult conditions. Many of these elders had no time to gather personal belongings and did not know if they’d have homes once the flames retreated. With little notice, the teams at AlmaVia of San Francisco and AlmaVia of San…

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Disaster Preparedness a Key Focus for Elder Care Alliance Communities

disaster preparedness

From wildfires to earthquakes to hurricanes, natural disasters have dominated the news recently. Across the country, people worry about whether they are prepared for the next destructive act by Mother Nature. At Elder Care Alliance, team members take a variety of precautions to ensure that vital services continue in the event of a natural disaster…

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Artistic Projects Bring Engagement, Beauty to AlmaVia of San Rafael

Resident artistic projects on display at AlmaVia of San Rafael

For people who love art, the hallways and common spaces at AlmaVia of San Rafael provide a feast for the eyes. Artistically talented residents create a continual rotation of new works that add color and beauty to the community. Working both individually and with a local artist who facilitates a class in the community twice…

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