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Every month is filled with events, classes, and gatherings for our residents. Our Life Enrichment teams create and improve programs every month for our residents to make sure their days are filled with meaningful activities and connection.

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Domains of Wellness Every Day

Our life enrichment teams create activities and opportunities every day – aligned to our eight domains of wellness – to let residents find their daily wellness in a variety of activities. Our person-centered approach focuses on all aspects of wellness, including:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Intellectual
  • Social
  • Vocational
  • Environmental
  • Spiritual
  • Creative

Take a look at some of the activities available to residents and their domain of wellness below.

Physical – The Art of Self Care

Commitment to self-care through regular participation in physical activity, healthy eating, and multisensory experiences.

  • Chair Pilates
  • Tai Chi
  • Sit N’ Be Fit
  • Laughter Yoga
Brain Puzzles | Elder Care Alliance

Intellectual – The Art of Lifelong Learning

Commitment to lifelong learning through opportunities to acquire new skills and deepen knowledge.

  • Brainteaser Games
  • Discussion Groups
  • Speaker Series
  • Writer’s Workshop
Flower Arranging Class | Elder Care Alliance

Creative – The Art of Creating

Ability to engage in generative, playful, and expressive activities. Includes access to the arts in many forms.

  • Glorious Choir Group
  • Art Therapy
  • Flower Arrangement Class
  • Knitting Club
Bible Study | Elder Care Alliance

Spiritual – The Art of Grace & Humility

Ability to engage in personal and community pursuits relate to spirituality and values.

  • Daily Mass
  • Guided Meditation
  • Shabbat with Rabbi Levy
  • Bible Study

Sample Life Enrichment Activities Calendar


9:00 AM – Mass with Fr. White
9:45 AM – Chair Yoga with Susan

10:15 AM – Pen & Pencil Art 
1:30 PM – Writer’s Workshop

3:00 PM – Symphony in the Bistro
6:55 PM – Evening Movie


9:00 AM – Mass with Fr. White

10:15 AM – Chair Exercise with Susan

10:30 AM – Knitwits 

11:00 AM – Buddhism Study Group
1:00 PM – Poker

6:55 PM – Evening Movie


9:00 AM – Mass with Fr. White
9:45 AM – Chair Yoga with Susan

11:00 AM – Script, Song & Prayer 
1:15 PM – Rosary with Annie

1:30 PM – Rummikub

2:30 PM – Beading with Evelyn
6:55 PM – Evening Movie


9:00 AM – Mass with Fr. White
9:45 AM – Strength & Balance

10:30 AM – Brainteasers

11:00 AM – Stories that Heal
1:15 PM – Library Pick Up/Drop Off

1:45 PM – Scenic Drive with Andre

3:00 PM – Purim with Rabbi Levy

3:15 PM – Bingo for Bucks
6:55 PM – Evening Movie


9:00 AM – Mass with Fr. White
9:45 AM – Chair Pilates

11:00 AM – Guided Meditation
1:00 PM – Soul Collage

2:00 PM – Zoom Yoga with Erin

3:00 PM – Flower Arranging

3:15 PM – Bocce Ball         
6:55 PM – Evening Movie


9:00 AM – Mass with Fr. White
9:45 AM – Tai Chi with Al

10:30 AM – 7 ½ Card Game 
1:00 PM – Open Art Studio

1:15 PM – Poker with Andre

3:00 PM – Happy Hour

6:55 PM – Evening Movie


9:00 AM – Mass with Fr. White
9:45 AM – Chair Exercise with Andre

10:30 AM – Donut Social 
1:30 PM – Scrabble

1:30 PM – Scenic Drive 

2:00 PM – Matinee & Popcorn

3:30 PM – Bingo

6:55 PM – Evening Movie

All it takes is 5 minutes.

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AlmaVia of San Rafael was a lovely and very cheerful place. The people were very kind and accommodating. The apartment, while compact, was very well appointed. Everything looked perfect and we liked it very much. We saw residents sitting in the lobby reading papers, some were doing puzzles, and they were actively engaged. The staff was excellent.Daphne N.AlmaVia of San Rafael

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