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Founded in 1872 by the Sisters of Mercy, Mercy Retirement & Care Center has ministered to over 10,000 seniors in its long history. Currently, Mercy serves more than 160 older men and women with residential care in Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Skilled Nursing. The sole Catholic retirement community in the Oakland Diocese, Mercy's lush five-acre campus fosters a supportive environment to care for the needs of older adults through a holistic, faith-based approach to end of life and long-term care.


Why Now

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The Mercy Revitalization Project is focused on accessibility, sustainability and quality of life. With an expanded chapel, we increase residents’ accessibility to worship. Through the Assisted Living Tower renovations, resident privacy and dignity is enhanced through new showers and updated bathrooms. Beautiful new and accessible outdoor spaces offer opportunities to enhance the environmental wellness of all residents. The Mercy Project is erasing boundaries for our seniors while continuing to tangibly serve our Fruitvale neighbors.

As we serve the Silent Generation, we are preparing for the Baby Boomers who will push senior living needs to unprecedented levels. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on vulnerable elders has highlighted the importance of holistic care and sufficient space to social distance and continue activities safely.

Now more than ever, the Mercy Revitalization Project is meeting the aims of accessibility, sustainability and quality of life.


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Generous Donors

“Mercy is a haven for retired intellectuals, and its diversity and sense of community make it an inner-city oasis. I plan on living here a long time.” -Larry Kornfeld, Mercy Resident


“What I like most about the campus-wide revitalization is that each piece reinforces our vision to facilitate real, human connections that dispel feelings of isolation. Through genuine connection, Mercy becomes a true home for our residents, and their final years are filled with joy, dignity, and friendship.”
- Tamra Marie Tsanos, MPA Executive Director, Mercy Retirement & Care Center

Our heartfelt gratitude to the generous Moving Mercy Forward Campaign donors:

  • CommonSpirit Health
  • The Carl Gellert & Celia Berta Gellert Foundation
  • The Edward & Elizabeth Kozel Foundation
  • Robert Grassilli
  • Denise K. Allen and Mark Hayes
  • Emily & Larry Mannion Trust
  • George P. Sabatte
  • John B. Sabatte
  • Christine Whelan
  • Bill and Jeanne Barulich
  • Pamela Burke
  • Steven and Alison Burke
  • John and Nancy Cecconi
  • Bill and Sara Cumbelich and Family
  • Adriene Iverson
  • Legacy of Trinity
  • Michael and Jamie Ney
  • Sisters of Mercy West-Midwest Community
  • Allan and Patricia Boscacci Family Foundation
  • Larry & Mary Jo Nejasmich
  • Richard & Darlene Smith
  • Jim and Mandy Tham
  • Theodore and Victoria Tsukahara Jr., AFSC
  • Edward and Liz Clifford Watson
  • James M. and Cynthia A. Wood
  • Andrew and Denise Armanino
  • Deborah and Jim Beck
  • J. Thomas Briody
  • Daniel and Natalie Brown
  • Ross and Lillian Cadenasso
  • Christopher Cherney and Natasha Bell
  • Ronald and Betty Courtney
  • Bishop Emeritus John S. Cummins
  • Carlos De Luz and Jean Komatsu
  • Deacon Construction, LLC
  • Jeffrey Jones and Dagmar Fung
  • Lynne Katzmann
  • Steven Kim
  • Rich and Christine Logan
  • Geraldine McGrath
  • Joy Moore and Family
  • Andrew and Mary Moyce
  • Norma Ogletree
  • Joseph Ronan & Colleen Davies
  • Arthur Woo and Emmelie Sabatte
  • Raja M.G. Sekaran and Aarti Kohli
  • Frank & Carol Spiller
  • The Stahl Companies, Inc.
  • Robert and Marilyn Tiernan
  • Warner Design Associates
  • Helen Wood
  • Kathleen Wood
  • Barbara Ageno
  • Mary Bona
  • Gerald Brusher and Elizabeth Wolfe-Brusher
  • Carol Bucci
  • Robert Daly
  • George Dini
  • Anne Marie Dolan
  • Thomas L. Driscoll, Attorney at Law
  • Madeline Giachetto
  • Mary Giachetto
  • Edward and Lorraine Heinemann
  • Aurora Hill
  • Wally and Marilynne Homitz
  • Sister Phyllis Hughes, RSM
  • Tracy Jensen
  • Dorothea Johnson
  • Rosaleen Kelly
  • Thomas and Joan King
  • Patricia Kirby
  • Gordon and Sally Lake
  • Diane Lawrence
  • John and Miriam Mangini
  • Trudy McCulloch
  • Tom McGraw
  • John and Margaret Nohr
  • Marie Perez and Elias Cortez Perez
  • Joanne Phillips
  • Joseph and Irmina Riccio
  • Virginia Robinson
  • Sister Clare Marie Schroer, RSM
  • Steven Goetz & Belinda Smith
  • Brian Donald Stevens
  • Vern Stigge
  • Doreen Theren
  • James and Eileen Vohs
  • Paul Wuerstle

A special thank you to all donors who have given anonymously.



Most Rev. John S. Cummins

Bishop Emeritus, Honorary Campaign Chair, Mercy Resident

Christine Whelan

Board Chair, Mercy Retirement & Care Center; Board Chair, Elder Care Alliance; Campaign Co-Chair

James Wood, Esq.

Campaign Co-Chair

Adriene Iverson

CEO, Elder Care Alliance CEO, Mercy Retirement & Care Center

Tamra Marie Tsanos, MPA

Executive Director Mercy Retirement & Care Center

Other Leaders

  • Michael Ney, Sr., Esq.

  • Edward Watson, Esq., CPA
    Watson/Machado, Partner

  • Melford Chudacoff
    Retired; Mercy Resident Family Member

  • Natalie Brown
    Director of Development,
    Mercy Retirement & Care Center

  • Sr. Phyllis Hughes
    RSM, DrPH

  • Sr. Kathleen Kearny

  • Steven Burke

Mercy President & CEO, Adriene Iverson, and the co-chairs for the Moving Mercy Forward campaign, Christine Whelan, and James Wood, speak to the significance of the Mercy Revitalization Project.


“At the heart of Mercy is our 160 residents and 170 team members. The pandemic hit about a year into construction of Mercy’s Repositioning Project, and it has been a blessing to see that the Project includes key elements needed for senior living in a post-COVID era. The Project has always been about accessibility, sustainability and quality of life, and the new gathering and outdoor spaces support environmental wellness, connection, and community. Now more than ever we see the importance of aging in place that fosters purpose and social connectedness. I am so grateful for everyone who has stepped up to support our residents through the Moving Mercy Forward campaign. We have accomplished so much together and look forward to the continuation of Mercy’s legacy for decades to come.”
- Adriene Iverson, President & CEO of Elder Care Alliance and Mercy Retirement and Care Center


“I’ve been a volunteer at Mercy for 17 years and am incredibly proud of the physical changes we’re making to increase residents’ enjoyment of their Mercy home. The new Library, Art Studio, Wellness Center and Outdoor Patio - just a few of the remarkable new and timely amenities - are terrific resources to help residents safely gather and do the things they love. My family and I are committed to Mercy’s success, and I am so impressed and proud to have been part of this historic renovation project on behalf of residents.”
- Christine Whelan, Mercy Board Chair and Campaign Co-Chair


“As a Catholic Oakland native, the residents and dedicated Mercy staff have had a great impact on my life. I remember as a child visiting retired religious and being impressed with the embrace of the Mercy Community. Decades later, I’ve been privileged to work on the Mercy Revitalization Project, which I know will continue to provide the highest level of care for the people of Mercy for many years to come.”
- James Wood, Mercy Campaign Co-Chair


More than 90 individuals, families, foundations, and religious orders have pledged support to this incredible project over the next three to five years. Thanks to their commitment, Mercy has raised just over $4 million toward the $5 million goal.

Additionally, a generous foundation has pledged to give a $500,000 “capstone” grant when Mercy reaches $4,500,000 raised. Please help Mercy close this gap! Your gift now will help Mercy receive this once-in-a-lifetime grant, helping to transform the lives of the seniors in our care for decades to come.

Please consider a stretch gift on behalf of Mercy’s residents. Your support will help guarantee that Mercy Retirement and Care Center, which includes our Charitable Care Program and the Mercy Brown Bag Program, will grow and thrive for generations to come.

Thank You

Thank you for considering a gift to Moving Mercy Forward. Investing will directly impact Mercy's mission of serving seniors.

There are many ways to give to the campaign that and support your personal philanthropic and financial goals. Campaign gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law and certain gifts may qualify for specific tax advantages. We encourage donors to consider how they might benefit from combining different methods, such a cash pledge and a planned gift.

While we encourage donors to seek counsel from financial planners, we are more than willing to discuss options for consideration. Contact Natalie Brown, Director of Development: / 510-534-8540 (ext. 322)

Immediate Gifts

Gifts of cash
A gift of cash helps further our mission and may provide you with an income tax deduction equal to the amount of the gift. Mercy accepts cash gifts via check, credit card, and wire transfer.

Donor Advised Funds
They allow for income tax deduction to be taken when they are funded, while allowing you to make gifts out of the fund to Mercy and other nonprofits over time.

Gifts of publicly traded stock
A gift of publicly traded stock from your investment portfolio helps further our mission and may provide you with an income tax deduction equal to the amount of the gift. It may also allow you to avoid capital gains tax.

Gifts of private company stock
In some cases, Mercy may accept gifts of private company stock. This type of gift may provide you with an income tax deduction equal to the current fair value of the gift as well as allow you to avoid capital gains tax.

Gifts of real estate/private property
In some cases, Mercy may accept gifts of real estate and private property. Making a full or partial gift of appreciated real estate or personal property may provide you with an income tax deduction equal to the current fair value of the gift as well as allow you to avoid capital gains tax and/or obtain an income tax deduction.

Gifts from IRAS
An IRA Charitable Rollover makes sense if you are over age 70 %. This type of gift may help you avoid paying taxes on transfers of up to $100,000 from your IRA, while still allowing you to satisfy your required minimum distribution.

Gifts of life insurance
If you have a whole life or paid up insurance policy, you may consider gifting it to Mercy.

Future Gifts

By naming Mercy in your will, you can provide support for Mercy' mission without any current cost and you may receive an estate tax deduction.

Retirement plan beneficiary designation (i.e., 401k, etc.)
Retirement plan assets may be subject to both income tax and estate tax at your death, potentially making them your most highly taxed assets. By naming Mercy as the beneficiary of your retirement plan you retain these assets for your life, while receiving an income tax and estate tax deduction at your death.

Charitable Trust (i.e., Remainder Trust, Lead Trust, etc.)
With a charitable trust, you transfer appreciated assets into a trust while naming Mercy as the eventual beneficiary. The trust makes income payments to you for a period of years or the rest of your life. You only pay taxes on the income as it is received rather than paying a large up-front capital gains tax on the appreciated assets you contributed. You may also receive an income tax deduction for the charitable portion of the trust.

Blended Gifts

By combining a cash pledge (often made for a period of 3-5 years) and a testamentary gift (funded through an estate), donors can make a "blended gift." These types of gifts can also be made with combinations of cash and appreciated assets, etc. Essentially, blended gifts are wonderful ways to achieve the highest tax advantages, give more than would be possible with cash alone, and give at the cheapest cost for the donor.

Mercy Retirement and Care Center Stock Donation Instructions

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