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There is financial assistance for assisted living for veterans in a pension called the Aid and Attendance Benefit. As of 2021, this program can provide assistance up to $1,936 / month for a single veteran and up to $2,295 / month for a married veteran. However, eligibility is complicated, and there can be extensive wait times for approval. Details of the program, eligibility requirements and tips for expediting the approval process are available here. Veterans who may be eligible for both Medicaid and Aid and Attendance should review this comparison of the two programs.

Veterans’ Programs for Assisted Living | Elder Care Alliance

A second option for veterans can be used in independent living communities, but not assisted living communities. The Veterans’ Directed Care program gives the participating veterans considerable control and latitude in using their care funds. Under this program, home healthcare attendants can be contracted to assist veterans residing in independent living. It is worth noting that the phrase “independent living” means different things in different states. Here we refer to a senior living community that does not provide supportive personal care but may provide recreational activities and group meals.

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