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Why Green 2030?

Sustainability is central to our mission at Elder Care Alliance.  A mission which is devoted to making smart changes that will help us adapt to and be good stewards of the environment, so we are able serve our communities in a greater capacity now and for generations to come.

"Going Green is not optional for Elder Care Alliance. It is central to creating thriving

communities of purpose rooted in holistic well-being.”

-Adriene Iverson, President and CEO

It has become increasingly clear that our efforts to ensure well-being in our communities are being hindered by serious ecological threats.  Because stewardship is in our DNA, Elder Care Alliance is compelled to call upon the roots of its founding and has carefully crafted a four-tiered program to counteract the current state of environmental affairs – Green 2030.  This multi-year strategic plan will guide leadership and staff at Elder Care Alliance in decision making that has a more positive impact on our planet.

Aim Statement

By 2030, ECA will have the systems and leadership in place to:

  • Source 20% more food safely and locally to improve human health and
    protect the environment
  • Divert 20% more waste away from landfills
  • Convert 20% more of our energy-using functions to cleaner and greener
    materials and fuels

Four Major Components

The plan’s four major components reflect Elder Care Alliance’s mission, vision and values
and articulate an achievable but ambitious portfolio of activities:

Environmental Leadership

Flourishing Food

Wise Production & Waste


Smart Equipment & Energy


Among the specific changes we’ll be making:

  • Greater than 50% of our produce will be sustainable and/or local by 2030
  • 90% of our cleaning products will be plant based by 2021
  • 100% paperless in our HR, Finance and IT teams by 2030

“We can all make little changes; if we all make those changes, we’ll make a big difference.”
- Tosca, Resident

If you are interested in learning about ways to support this effort please reach out to our Director of Philanthropy, Cynthia Gregory. Cynthia can be reached via email at