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Restaurant of Order Mistakes.

Innovative ‘Restaurant of Order Mistakes’ Promotes Dementia-Inclusive Environment

What does inclusion mean for individuals with dementia? In Tokyo recently, the desire to create a more inclusive society for those living with dementia led to an innovative concept: a “pop-up” restaurant that hired people living with dementia as wait staff. Customers of the pop-up restaurant visited with the full knowledge that their orders might…

Rewarding work in senior living.

Looking for a Rewarding Experience? Consider Working with Older Adults!

If you’ve never worked with older adults, you may be missing out on an experience that can change your life for the better. Individuals who work in senior living communities often feel that they get back as much or more than they give. In return for providing compassionate care, employees have the opportunity to learn…

Communicating with individuals with dementia.

10 Tips for Communicating with Individuals with Dementia

Individuals living with dementia experience the disorder differently, and their care partners often feel the impact of the symptoms in a variety of ways. In the middle stage of the disorder, communication is one of the key skills affected. The deterioration of expression often occurs just as people with dementia require increasing levels of help…