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Artificial Intelligence: An Emerging Tool in Senior Health

Over the past decade, technology has brought astounding advances to the daily lives of average people. In the coming years, industry observers expect significant changes for the aging population thanks to one specific type of technology: artificial intelligence. Many believe that through a variety of applications, artificial intelligence — or AI — may offer improved…

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Zooniverse: A Simple Way for Seniors to Explore, Learn and Have Fun

Couple researching for Zooniverse.

Are you looking for ways to broaden your horizons, learn something new and have fun? Zooniverse, an online “platform for people-powered research,” may be just the opportunity that fits the bill. The site brings together hundreds of thousands of volunteers around the world to help professional researchers with a variety of projects. You’ll find a…

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Helpful Mobile Apps for Seniors

Mobile apps to help seniors.

These days, most people carry a smartphone to keep abreast of the latest news and stay in touch with loved ones. But did you know smartphones may help improve your quality of life? By loading your mobile device with helpful applications, you can entertain yourself, continue learning, pay your bills, shop, manage the practical aspects…

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Tips for Seniors Who Want to Dive into Social Media

Social Media and Seniors.

Think seniors don’t use social media? That’s so 2013. In 2017, seniors are adopting social platforms for a wide variety of uses well beyond keeping tabs on grandchildren. A recent study from Michigan State University found that online networking can reduce loneliness in seniors and may even give their health a boost. More than 95…

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