How Does Spiritual Wellness Fit into the Holistic Wellness Concept?

True wellness focuses on much more than just the physical. Holistic wellness considers the whole individual, including emotional, social, vocational, intellectual and environmental factors — along with physical well-being. In many of the categories that constitute the holistic wellness concept, spirituality plays an important role. For some people, spirituality can refer to religion, but it…

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Community Programs Connect, Combat Ageism

In this educational and insightful Senior Living News article, President & CEO Adriene Iverson and Memory Care Specialist Sean Caulfield share what Elder Care Alliance is doing to connect our communities, combat ageism and focus on the holistic wellness of older adults. Read the article: https://seniorlivingnews.com/community-programs-connect-combat-ageism/

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The Benefits of Owning a Pet

Dogs, cats and other types of household pets work hard to earn our esteem by serving as affectionate, protective, loyal and comical companions. Did you know that for seniors, pets can help improve mental and physical health?

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